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Akashi Seijuro

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Name:Seijūrō Akashi

Name: Seijuro Akashi
Kanji: 赤司 征十郎
Age: 16
Birthday: December 20th (Sagittarius)
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Team: Teikō (former), Rakuzan
Position: Point Guard
Talent: Unknown
First Appearance: Chapter 113 (Manga), Episode 8 [Anime (Flashback)]
Seiyū: Hiroshi Kamiya

Trivia :
> At the time when Akashi's face hasn't been revealed yet, he sometimes appeared very mysterious and cool with his face covered, e.g. throwing a shogi piece in that air and catching it dramatically. This was made fun of in the bloopers, when he failed to catch the piece. Other intimidating actions also failed in other bloopers.
> On the first character poll, Akashi ranked 29th, with 26 votes, before even appearing yet. On the second poll, he ranked 18th with 263 votes.
> The kanji 赤 (Aka) in his name means red, hinting to his hair color.
> His birthday is December 20th.
> Akashi is the very first who found out Kuroko's strength.
> Akashi is the only character who addresses his former teammates with their first names, they however address him with his surname.
> It has been shown that in Akashi had the same colored eyes, but one eye changed some time during Teikou.
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